Friday Night Funkin B-Side Mod Unblocked

Friday Night Funkin B-Side Mod is actually the Friday Night Funkin's fan-made remix version, a fantastic music rhythm game. The Friday Night Funkin’s remix mod where all the songs had been remixed and re-charted into b-sides; get the fingers ready to rediscover the preferred FNF songs!

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How To Play Friday Night Funkin B-Side Mod Unblocked?


Use arrow keys.

How To Play?

Friday Night Funkin B-Side is actually the rhythm game that challenges your eye-hand coordination. Prepare to get down on this amazing musical game. Time the raps and win the girl. With bright visuals, you’ll nod your head in no time. 

Begin with going to the stage with the hat turned and the mic. Let the bump of speakers guide you in this amazing game and win your dream girl. Controls emerge on your screen for you to hit, so make certain that you concentrate, as losing denotes that you’ll also lose your girl. 

Select from any of the modes from simple, with simple combos to follow, to Hard, where the arrows shift extremely quickly across your screen. The progress appears at the bottom of your screen, and you require the avatar to be at the end of the rival's avatar. 

Let the tempo take charge, but don’t lose a key or note as it denotes that the other guys get an opportunity instead of you—what a way to spend Friday night. B-Side provides diverse tunes just for anyone. 


It is an amazing game, so if you had the pleasure and would want to keep updated on the mod, make certain to support the mod creators anyhow you can, for instance, by following, subscribing, or liking their social media pages.

The objective of this web-optimized platform is to make this mod and FNF more reachable to users that cannot play it on the computer, on their Linux, on Mac, on the Chromebook, or simply cannot run the execution files on the PC.

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