Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod Unblocked

Are you prepared for playing the ultimate Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod battle? Tricky vs. FNF is a new addition to the amazing FNF Mods. The playability of this Mod is great, although very hard in the last stages. New rivals are waiting for you in this Mod. In the game, you will continue the journey of winning.

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How To Play Friday Night Funkin Tricky Mod Unblocked?


You have an extremely easy task in this game to play when the arrow marks appear from below, when the arrows reach the top arrow, then hit the precise arrows.

  • The keyboard controls are Arrow Keys or WASD.
  • Make use of the Down, Up, Right and Left buttons for following the rhythm, and beat the foes!

How To Play?

The guest character is in this game, Tricky the Clown, the sinister clown character of the game Madness Combat. At the start, his face will be covered to protect his identity with a mask, but once you cope with him in one of the battles, you will be capable of discovering his awful appearance. 

Enjoy two new special songs known as Madness and Improbable Outset that will need much practice and patience if you desire to play them without any single failure. In the meantime, the girlfriend will be apprehensively awaiting the victory sitting on a large speaker.


It’s a fun take on the amazing series of Friday Night Funkin’, a musical game that concentrates on rhythm, with a new rival to beat and new beats. Friday wouldn’t be as before. Arrows on your screen signify the flow, so don’t allow that break and arrange the good track for getting the throng bumping their heads.

Go on the stage and make it the world. The battle starts with Tricky, A DJ with amazing beats asking you for a battle. Not desiring to lose the reputation in the Friday Night series, you take the mic and try to show him the bars.

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