G Switch 3 Unblocked

G switch 3 unblocked is the 3rd version that is released after a long time. It is from the series of running web-based video games. There are many new things with lessen bugs as compared to the previous version. In this version, the player has to control the 2 runners at a time even in single mode.

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How To Play G Switch 3 Unblocked?

  • You can control the player 1 by simple left click.
  • Switch the gravity by pressing the “X” key or by randomly click through the mouse.
  • You can set the controls for the 2 to 8 player from the main menu.

Start by running the player and switch the gravity where needed. But be careful in the route because traps are in the way that will let you down.  

When you are going to play in Multimode, you can use two types of boosters and cloning. Moreover, 5 new player character is added in this version. Total eight players can play at a time in multimode by setting up different controls for each player. Among this player, the one who achieves high scores wins the game. Enjoy the free adventurous online action game and have fun.

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