Geometry Dash Unblocked

Geometry Dash game is a very popular game that was released by RobTop Games. It has reached 1 billion plays on the Geometry Dash game alone, and because of this, it’s very likely to be the most played game in the world.

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How To Play Geometry Dash Unblocked?

  • Use Spacebar or Up Arrow Key to Jump and hold them to Multi-jump.
  • Use Up Arrow to Steer vehicle up.
  • Use Down Arrow to Steer vehicle down.

About The Game

Geometry Dash Online is a free side-scrolling platformer played in sync with musical rhythms. Groove your way over and under obstacles to keep the musical momentum alive. If you slip up, it’s back to the beginning!

The game is unique in that it has absolutely no text whatsoever. All relevant information about the player's progression is visualized by means of level design and sound effects. The aim is to guide a square called "Geometric" through any number of challenges, irrespective of how this square looks or behaves.

Geometry Dash Online typically consists of only one game mode, but the game has recently added a new game mode called "Lives", which is similar to Geometry Dash's official levels.

Geometry Dash Online has a high degree of customization. There are a variety of different styles you can choose from to alter the appearance of your player, including skins that change the color scheme, basic shape, or both.

The level editor lets you design your own challenges. The more complex you make them, the harder they will be for other players!


  • Rhythm-based platforming game.
  • Lots of content.
  • Level Editor with access to a huge amount of blocks and objects.

Your own designs can be placed in the game, and you could even end up with your level being played by thousands of other people!

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