Granny Unblocked

Do you feel a lack of adrenaline in your blood and a desire to be scared? Then you have come to the correct spot as the game called Granny will offer you all of that. This game’s essence is to get out of a dreadful old lady's house fast. 

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How To Play Granny Unblocked?

In fact, they’re not always sweet and will have tea with some cookies; a few of them are engaged in dark magic. Here you’ll locate yourself in a building with a cellar and two more floors, and for an escape, you’ll have just five days.


  • Left Shift to run
  • Spacebar to jump
  • WASD to move

​​​​​​​How To Play?

In this game, the main thing horror is an awful opponent. In this game, this regard corresponds: the main bad character here is the frightening grandmother with a bloodied face and wearing a white gown. 

The story starts with Grandma dragging you and taking you to her house. The only way of getting out is to locate the key to its front door that the old lady hides in one of the numerous rooms or in the cellar. 

Five game days are provided for passing; if you do not have much time, you’ll stay in the home of the old woman forever. You have to play rapidly but quietly so that Granny does not pay any attention to the movements. If she catches you, she will knock with the baton, and a new day starts.


In this game, Granny has locked you in her home. She has laid down martial law in the house to keep you from trying to escape. You see no other choice; it is time to make some move. Make the way out of her home, but continue with caution! The old lady has sharp ears. Topple something, and she will come rushing to the side to assist you. Stay hidden beneath mattresses and in the wardrobes. You have just five game days.

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