Halloween Archer Unblocked

Halloween Archer game is a trick-or-treat archery type of game. It features the main character wearing an orange hood and wielding a bow and arrow. The objective of the game is to shoot candy from ghouls' hands to get points.

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How To Play Halloween Archer Unblocked?

  • To Aim Hold Left Mouse Button and Release To Shoot.

About The Game

Halloween Archer 3D is a fun archery game with an awesome Halloween theme. This game has cool graphics, fun gameplay and is the perfect challenge for Halloween! You are standing on top of your very own castle as a lone archer – it is your duty to protect the castle, and you must do this by shooting down spooky ghosts and zombies. You need to avoid letting them get too close so be careful and dodge or shoot down their projectiles. This game is highly addictive and fun, so have a go at it today!

Arrows Effects

Collect different arrows to shoot down the spooky spirits. Each kind of arrow has a different effect on the ghosts, zombies, and projectiles they come into contact with. To collect each type of arrow, you need to tap on the bow button in the bottom left-hand corner, then swipe across to collect the arrows. When you're ready to shoot down the ghosts and zombies, press the bow button again in the bottom left-hand corner. You can mix up your own strategy for defeating them by selecting different types of arrows!

You can also unlock a variety of cool new bows and upgrade your ammo to make each arrow more powerful. You will need to complete different challenges in order to be able to upgrade your arrows – these involve shooting down targets with a certain weapon.

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