Happy Wheels Unblocked

The happy wheel is a web-browser based game. It has several physically damaged play character in which some are locked. You have to unlock these by proceeding in the levels.

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How To Play Happy Wheels Unblocked?

  1. Use Left arrow key for left lean and right arrow key for right lean.
  2. Use Up arrow key to Accelerate and down arrow keys to decelerate the speed.
  3. Use the Z key to eject.
  4. Use C key to control the camera.
  5. Use Space or Shift or Ctrl keys to use the Special abilities of characters. These abilities vary according to the characters.

The main objectives of this game are the changes from level to level. It is an important factor that makes this game interesting.

In most of the levels, the player has to cross the finish line as soon as possible by collecting the pickup or tokens in the way. When the player moves to a higher level, the goals become non-existent. Happy wheels contain the violent graphics in the gameplay. The character gets injured, broken down, or crushed by obstacles.

Visit our site and make sure that you have installed flash player. Click on the play icon. Before you get started, make the account to store your played history. Select your character from the option but read the abilities of each character before selection. Move your character slowly and cross the hurdles in the way. Don’t move your character fast in your first attempt otherwise, your character will be crushed. Replay the game if your performance is not good in the first attempt of the level.

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