Hilly IO Unblocked

Are you interested in Hilly, peaks, mountain or jumping games? If yes, then you should also try Hilly IO unblocked. Its gameplay is very simple as you are in racing condition with other players. Cross the Hilly area with speed and high jumps.

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How To Play Hilly IO Unblocked?

Control the movement and the speed of the ball using the spacebar. You can make high jumps by pressing spacebar for a long time.              

Hilly IO unblocked is a racing game. As a player, you have to control the ball. You have to compete with other players and also collect the targeted gems. But the main factor in it is time. You are given a limited interval of time in which you have to meet the target otherwise you will lose.

Whenever you will cross your competitor, you will get bonus time. During the race, you have to collect the gems through jumps. The more you jump high the more you get the chance to collect gems and move fast. You have to take care of the time as well as a collection of gems. Both things should be managed before reaching the ending line otherwise you will lose. Check the installation of flash player into your browser in order to run the game smoothly.

In the beginning, the number of tasks are small but later on, it increases. So, you will find difficulty in upcoming levels.

Tip: Try to make high jumps at the peaks of the path. It will cover more projectile distance in this way.                                              

Allow multiple players

You can conduct the race among your friends, family members, siblings and so on. This game is full challenging and full of fun. Play and fulfills the challenges. Hilly IO versions are free of cost. So, you can play any of them.

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