Jailbreak 2 Unblocked

In Jailbreak 2 Unblocked, guards are on duty so that prisoner can’t escape from the jail. There are two prisoners in the jail in which one of them is you. You have to control the player by completing some tasks given by the second prisoner. Basically, the second prisoner will help you to get an escape from jail as soon as possible. But in return, you have to fulfill his orders.

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How To Play Jailbreak 2 Unblocked?

  1. Use right, left, up and down arrow keys to move the player.
  2. Use the spacebar to open the door.  

The gameplay of jailbreak 2 is very simple. In the starting, you have to cross the wall in order to reach the next room. In the next room, the second prisoner is present. He will assign you the task of escaping from jail. Such as bringing cigarette from the officer’s office   Do follow his orders so that you could easily get out of the jail. Just follow the arrows and keep away from the torchlight of the policeman. The gameplay is the same as the Jailbreak version 1 but many bugs are fixed in it. So follow the directions and reach the destination.

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