Little Big Snake Unblocked

The Little Big Snake games are a series of self-described "arcade action puzzle" mobile phone games developed by German studio "Klassenfeind". The main protagonist is the titular character, "Little Big Snake", who eats to grow larger and devours scores of enemies to reach higher levels.

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How To Play Little Big Snake Unblocked?

  • Use up, left, right arrow keys to control the movement.

About the Game

Little Big Snake has been one of the most popular games on Google Play for Android devices, with five million downloads since its release in 2009. It was listed on AppBrain's best Android games by June 2011. As of 2018, the game has over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Because of the simplicity of the gameplay, high scoreboards have become one of the best ways to compare your skills with friends and strangers alike. Particularly with major updates in the Little Big Snake Series such as new powerups and collectible fruit which can be used to gain points in an extensive meta-game. It's due in part to community-generated high scores and discussion of the game on social media websites such as Facebook.

In the game, players control a snake, which they must guide around a playing field in an attempt to collect fruit and score points. The snake cannot stop moving and will grow longer as it eats fruit. If the snake touches its own body or any obstacles, it dies, ending the game. There are also numerous power-ups that can help or hinder the player's progress.


The game features online leaderboards and multiplayer functionality, allowing players to compete against each other for the best score. It has also been noted for its high level of difficulty; even after years of playing, some players have not reached first place on the global leaderboard.

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