Mahjong Alchemy Unblocked

Mahjong Alchemy Unblocked is a very simple game to play. Your objective in this game would be to match the two bricks and then click on them to remove them. You will keep doing this until all the bricks are gone. Once all bricks are gone, the level will be finished, and you will move onto the next level

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How To Play Mahjong Alchemy Unblocked?

  • Use your mouse click for playing this fantastic game.

It is a very fun game to play when you don’t have anything else to do. All you have to do is remove the matching bricks by simply clicking on them so that the bricks underneath them can be exposed. Try to remove all the bricks to finish this game. 

In the game, if you get stuck at some point, you have the choice to reshuffle the bricks and then start over. You can only select the free tiles, so don’t waste time trying to select the ones that are not free. Best of luck and have fun!

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