Mahjong Connect Unblocked

Mahjong Connect is a fantastic puzzle game. Utilizing the classic Mahjong pieces, this amazing puzzle game brings a completely new experience. So, brace yourself and match all the pairs together while the time is ending.

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How To Play Mahjong Connect Unblocked?

The game has twelve levels, in the ascending level of complexity; while the 1st few ones are relatively simple, the game becomes extremely challenging afterward.

Game Controls:

Press the left mouse button to choose the Mahjong tiles.

How To Play?

To finish a Mahjong Connect board, you need to get rid of all the tiles. You can remove tiles by spotting and clicking on the pairs, either closely or around the external edges of the board. You have to do so before the timer, which is stated at the bottom, runs out. If you are stuck at any level, you can make use of one of the five accessible hints to point you in the correct direction. There are twelve levels of difficulty in total for playing through.


Mahjong Connect is an amazing connecting game featuring the Mahjong classic tiles. However, in such a fantastic game, you do not make pairs in a similar manner as in the classic Mahjongg games! In this Mahjong Connect game, you need to locate pairs of identical tiles. 

Such tiles have to be free on one side at least. Connect all the tiles with the line to play them both away. The line between the two tiles might just make a max of two ninety-degree bends. The Gameplay aspect is why these games are also usually referred to as Nikakudori (which is a two-corner street). 

At times, this type of game is also known as Shisen-sho, after the 4 Rivers province in China or Sichuan. Another name you may have heard before is the 2D Mahjong because, in the Mahjong Connect, the tiles aren’t actually stacked in the same manner they are in the Mahjong classic games.

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