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Masked Forces Unblocked

Play the exciting shooting game Masked Forces Unblocked developed by Freeze Nova.  It is a 3D first-person shooter game with unique graphics, and you can play it in your browser for free. It is suitable for all ages.

How To Play Masked Forces Unblocked?

  • WASD: Move
  • Mouse: Aim and control

The Masked Forces is a thrilling game where you have to purge the enemies using any means necessary.  You have multiple online game modes and single player campaign to show your might. So what are you waiting for! Test your shooting mechanics and have fun while playing the Masked Forces.

About the Masked Forces Unblocked:

When the game starts you control a soldier, and your task is to collect money and destroy all the enemies. You can find an armor shop as well to upgrade the weapons. The Masked Forces is an online game so you can play it with other players as well. The game has two modes:

  • Campaign:

In the campaign mode, there are three missions. You have to survive for 50 seconds, eliminate three enemies and win a deathmatch game. You get points each time you complete a mission.

  • PVP Online:

In this mode, you can join a room of other players or create a room to play. Upon killing each enemy, you will have a KILL and when the time is over the team with more KILL will win.

Each time you get attacked by the enemy HP bar decreases. If you don’t want to lose the game, then don’t let the HP bar drop to level 0.


Here are the features of Masked Forces Unblocked:

  • Fun FPS game
  • Unblockable weapons and armors
  • Great gameplay mechanics
  • Fun single player missions
  • Immersive multiplayer

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