Mortar IO Unblocked

Mortar IO Unblocked is a fantastic fighting game. You will only have a mortar weapon to fight. The players will act as the soldiers fighting on a ruined battleground, and the opponents are those who are hunting and killing you using their mortars. If you like playing fighting games, then this one is the best option for you to consider.

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How To Play Mortar IO Unblocked?

  • Use your mouse to aim and then release the mouse click to shoot.
  • For running, make use of the Up Arrow key or W key.
  • For walking, make use of the Down Arrow key or S key.

You can try to hide in rundown homes, bushes for ambushing your enemies and obliterating them using the weapons. Take predictive and precise shots for the confirmed kills and unlock new and more powerful mortars.

The background of this game is an abandoned village in the desert that was destroyed by the war. 

There’re numerous bases where you can try to hide, cliffs, and large bushes scattered around. The opponents can be anywhere and prepared to wipe you out. Be cautious and beat them for getting promoted.

When you eradicate all your enemies, you’ll become the winner of the game. Rankings are shown right on your screen, and you can track the progress.

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