Papa Louie 2 Unblocked

Save Papa Louie from the angry burgers. This game begins with the introduction in which Papa Louise is selling free burgers for 1 day. He has made a special recipe powder that he is going to sprinkle on the burger for taste. He has dispatched the order via delivery boy.

[Game Loading in 30 Seconds..]

How To Play Papa Louie 2 Unblocked?

  1. Use the arrow keys to walk.
  2. Use spacebar to Jump.
  3. Use the X key to throw a bomb.
  4. Hit Spacebar to glide the Papa Louie using Hat.
  5. Press Z to clout the enemies.

. When Papa Louie turned around, he observed that the monsters burgers are going to attack him. The monsters burgers taken Papa Louie into the magical world.After that, papa Louie started to make more burgers. While making burgers, he observed the earthquake.

Start with level one and control the Papa Louie. Search for the monster burger at each level. Once, you cross one level then the next level will automatically get unlocked. Collect the coins, heart, and bomb in the way. Clout the enemies coming in the way and use the bomb to enclose the burger in the burger box. Start playing the game and have fun.

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