Papa Louie 3 Unblocked

Try Papa Louie 3 When Sundaes Attack Unblocked version to have a hell of fun. Papa Louie is under attack of Sundaes. Papa Louie is going to try some different recipe for making Sundaes. For the sake of a huge sale, he announced free sundaes for today.

[Game Loading in 30 Seconds..]

How To Play Papa Louie 3 Unblocked?

  1. Use the arrow keys for moving the Louie.
  2. Press spacebar to Jump.
  3. Press X key to fly a bomb.
  4. Press Spacebar to glide the Papa Louie using Hat.
  5. Use the Z key to hit the enemies.

 He has asked delivery boy to deliver a huge order. After that, he had get back to his work. Suddenly, a hard earthquake comes and Papa Louie becomes worried. Sundaes grabbed papa Louie into a new world. This world is full of fields. Kill the sundaes and save the papa Louie.         

Begins with the initial level, discover the Monster Sundaes till the end of each level. The levels will automatically be unlocked after the completion of previous level.

Tips to Play

Pick up the heart to gain life. Collect the coins to get the highest scores. Pick up the bomb to kill the enemies. You can clout the enemies by using these bombs. Start playing the game and have fun.

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