Papa Louie Unblocked

Papa Louie is angry pizzas game that is full of fun and entertainment. The game starts with the introduction in which Papa Louie has made the offer to sell free pizza for one day. He has baked the pizzas and asked the order boy to deliver the orders. After giving the orders, papa Louie gets back to his work.

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How To Play Papa Louie Unblocked?

  1. Use the arrow keys to walk.
  2. Use spacebar to make jumps.
  3. Use the X key for pepper bomb.
  4. Hit Spacebar to glide with the hat.
  5. Press Z key to hit the enemies.

He has a special magical recipe powder that he is sprinkling on the pizza today.  He has sprinkle this powder on all Todays’ orders. After 5 to 10 minutes all the pizza become alive and attacking the Papa Louie. He is stuck in the magical world along with the angry pizzas. Now, as a player you have to find out the monster pizza and save the Papa Louie. Collect the pepper bombs and the heart on the way. Use this pepper bomb to enclose the pizzas in the pizza box. Start playing the game and have fun.

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