Paper.IO Unblocked

The Paper.IO game is a very fun and addicting online game that you can play with your friends. The object of the game is to collect as much of the colored paper as possible while avoiding being captured by your opponents.

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How To Play Paper.IO Unblocked?

  • Press W A S D Keys OR Arrow Keys

About The Game

Paper.IO is a top-down 2D game that has been gaining popularity since its release in July 2016. The objective of Paper.IO is to draw lines with your mouse to prevent the board from filling up and reaching the end of the level. In reality, "Player 1" and "Player 2" are competing against each other to see who can stay on the board longer, as landing on the same space as another player will cause both players to be eliminated from the level.

As you progress through levels, it becomes harder to stay alive because more obstacles appear on higher levels such as shapes that cannot be crossed by a line or other players' borders! You earn points for drawing lines and lose them if you land on an opponent's line or the edge of the board. The game ends when one player either has no more lines left to draw or draws their last line and lands on another player, resulting in both players' elimination.


A colorful theme with a nice visual user interface. Connected with Google Play Games for achievements and global leaderboards!

You can hold down the mouse button to create a longer line. If you want to erase a line, just click on it and it will disappear. There is also an "auto-erase" feature that will automatically erase any unused lines after a certain amount of time has passed, so you don't have to worry about leaving any loose ends behind.

Paper.io 2 also features a new mode in which you can race against other players online to see who's the best at avoiding obstacles and finishing levels first. The potential is there for this title to become an interesting party chat feature when playing together on one device, so be sure to consider it if these multiplayer modes are of interest to you.

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