Pikes IO Unblocked

It is a blessing to find something interesting for free either it is game or food :P If you are also a searcher like me then you should try Pikes IO unblocked game. This game is best for the stuff collector lovers. Its gameplay is very simple but speeds matter a lot.

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How To Play Pikes IO Unblocked?

  • Control the movements via the keyboard using Arrow keys
  • Left click or hit space bar to collect the stuff

Pikes IO gives you the number of stuff that you have to collect to refill your health bar. There is a health bar meter that record your stuff carry ratio. The more stuff you carry the more health line will increase. During the gameplay, you have to beware of all your enemies. They will hit you again and again and try to lessen your health bar. Make sure that your health bar doesn’t remain empty. If it did then you will be killed and the game will over.     

Now, it's your responsibility to save your life and collect the stuff as well. When your health meter line gets full then you will be moved to the next level. Make sure that you have installed the flash player to play this game. Its graphic will work fine with flash player otherwise it gets stuck. Before starting the game, choose your username, read the instruction and then proceed next.

There are fewer enemies and more stuff at the beginning levels. But later on, enemies increase in the advanced levels and the competition to collect the stuff become more.

Allow multiple players

Pikes IO unblocked can be played, single player or multiple players. This game becomes more interesting when you play it in multi-player mode. It’s all versions are free of cost. You don’t have to spend a penny in the way of fun. 

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