Pill Soccer Unblocked

Pill Soccer is easy and fun to play! You can play this game with online players or in two-player mode with your game friend! In the game, the matches are ninety seconds; you have to score goals to win this game.

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How To Play Pill Soccer Unblocked?

You can get assistance from bonuses for neutralizing the rival. Watch over the bonus time, and utilize them efficiently when they’re activated! Also, you can win diamonds in tournament mode and get new ball skins and new players! 


1 Player Controls:

  • Left/right or A/D arrow for moving left/right
  • Up arrow or W for jumping
  • Down arrow or S or P or space bar for kicking
  • K to utilize a special power

2 Player Controls:

  • For using the special power, player 1 makes use of Z, and player two utilize K
  • For kicking, player 1 utilizes S or space bar, and player 2 makes use of P or down arrow
  • For jumping, player 1 utilizes W, and player 2 utilizes up arrow
  • For moving right or left, player 1 utilizes A/D, and player 2 utilizes the right/left arrow

How To Play?

The player can jump and run with their pill-shaped character. The objective is to kick the ball into the goal as many times as you can before the ninety-second game is over. Players can win additional gems in the tournament mode, but every league will feature tough rivals. The player can utilize the gems they earn for unlocking new characters.


Pill Soccer is an amazing sports game where you will obviously be playing soccer. It is an extremely easy version of it; it is gonna be you and your rival. The objective of this game is to score as many points as you can before the time runs out.

The time limit is ninety seconds, but there’ll be many goals in a short time, so that ought not to be a problem. Throughout the game, you’ll earn bonuses that can, for example, freeze your opponent. You can play as two players on a single computer. So let’s play!

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