QWOP Unblocked

QWOP Unblocked is a ragdoll-based fantastic running game. It was created by Bennet Foddy. It has an extremely challenging Gameplay. According to this awesome running game’s story, you will be controlling a runner character. In the game, you’ll present the country at the Olympics. Hence, the objective is to run and finish the race as fast as you can.

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    • Average ratings: 3 Stars

How To Play QWOP Unblocked?

  • Make use of the W, P, O, and Q keys of your keyboard for controlling each leg movement of the runner character.

The controls of this fantastic game are very easy and are mentioned above. By making use of these keys, you ought to control each leg movements of the runner character.

For controlling the left thigh of the runner character, you can simply hit the Q key. 

You can make use of the W key for controlling the right thigh of the character. Besides this, for controlling the left calve of the runner, you can use the O key, whereas the P key can be used for controlling the right clave of the runner character. 

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