Ragdoll Gangs Unblocked

The Ragdoll Gangs Game is a fun and challenging strategy game where you must battle against an opponent to conquer their territory. The game is turn-based, so each gang takes turns moving their ragdolls and attacking the enemy.

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How To Play Ragdoll Gangs Unblocked?

Player 1

  • Use W A S D to Move.
  • Use V to Punch.
  • Use B to Kick.
  • Use Left Shift to Run.
  • Use C to interact.

Player 2

  • Use Arrow Keys to Move.
  • Use O to Punch.
  • Use P to Kick.
  • Use Right Shift to Run.
  • Use I to Interact.

About The Game

Ragdoll gangs is a game where players create gangs of ragdolls and fight for control of the city. The aim of the game is to conquer territory, recruit new members, and build up your gang's strength.

The game is free to play and doesn't require any downloads or installations. Just visit the website and start playing!

The game is divided into two parts: the map the battle screen. The map shows the different districts of the city, and your gang's territory is shown by a colored area. The battle screen shows the current battle between your gang and the enemy gang.

To win a district, you need to conquer all of the territories in that district. You can do this by either defeating all of the enemy ragdolls in battle or by occupying all of the territory squares.

Attacks In The Game

The game is turn-based, so each gang takes turns moving their ragdolls and attacking the enemy. There are three types of attack: melee, ranged, and special. Melee attacks are close range and deal more damage but are less accurate. Ranged attacks are more accurate but do less damage. Special attacks are very powerful but can only be used once per battle.

After each attack, the enemy ragdoll will counterattack if it is still alive.

If a ragdoll dies, it is removed from the battlefield and cannot be used again. The game ends when one gang has either conquered all of the territories or been defeated.


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