Ragdoll Soccer Unblocked

Ragdoll Soccer is a fun physics-based soccer game. If you desire, you can play this game as a puzzle challenge in one-player mode. If you have a friend, you can play this game as a two-player match. Diverse ten levels will be waiting for you in this puzzle part. Pull and launch the rope to avoid obstructions in the game.

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How To Play Ragdoll Soccer Unblocked?

Game Controls:

You can make use of the following controls to play this funny soccer game:

  • Player 1 Controls: make use of the WASD buttons from the keyboard for moving around. Make use of the spacebar for releasing/launching the rope.

  • Player 2 Controls: male use of the arrow keys from your keyboard for moving around. Make use of the L key for releasing/launching the rope.

How To Play?

Kick the player, kick the ball, and kick the teammate in this hilarious physics-based soccer! Be the 1st player to score five goals in the Ragdoll Soccer game! Every round has its own unique feature! Play with the round on top of slippery ice or no heads!

Ragdoll Soccer is a hilarious physics-based game where you take charge of the two soccer players utilizing just two buttons. The two buttons pressed kick and jump, and both characters will do a similar thing the moment you hit a button. You can play this humorous game with your friend on a single PC with the versus mode. Try to be the 1st one to score five goals and win this fantastic soccer game.


Ragdoll Soccer is a physics-based challenging soccer game. Play against a game friend or solo and make use of the physics element for scoring goals! It is a physics-based soccer game. Try to make five goals while keeping your player in one piece. You can play this game in one-player or two-player mode.

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