Return Man 2 Unblocked

 Return Man 2 is here and now even better than the first installment! If you love the original one, you’ll love this one too! Do you possess the skills to return a punt from the rival team and carry it into the end zone to win? Challenge the skills and play this exciting game now!

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How To Play Return Man 2 Unblocked?

Game Controls:

There are some basic controls players have to make themselves known with for successfully completing and winning the game.

  • M key for muting the sound
  • Spacebar key for continuing playing
  • L key for running right
  • J key for running left
  • K key for running backward
  • I key for running forward

How To Play?

Return Man 2 is a fun and challenging football game. In this new version, you play as a football player. The objective is to get to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball and then run it down the field for a touchdown. Sounds simple, right? 

Well, how about if we also chuck in some kicker and the defenders as well! Now the game gets very challenging as you attempt to dodge your way around the kicker and past these defenders. If you get tackled and do not make it to the other side, you will lose possession.


For starting, choose the level, new levels open as you finish them. Once you’ve chosen the level, the basic game directions are shown. When in the game, go to the yellow circle in time to catch the ball. From here, you need to take the ball and run to the other side.

As the player runs, you have to try and evade incoming tackles. Do not forget to make use of the special moves. The special moves comprise a front flip, a speed boost, and spin. Every move has a charge bar, so concentrate and make use of them sparingly.

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