Riddle School 2 Unblocked

Riddle School 2 Unblocked is a point and click puzzle game. It is the second installment in this amazing game franchise. This game centers on the escape elements. In this game, you will be helping a naughty student in getting out of his school who’s not interested in taking his music class. 

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How To Play Riddle School 2 Unblocked?

  • For interacting with items and non-playable characters, you can make use of your mouse cursor.

What you need to do in this game is really working out the mind for assisting the protagonist in surviving and successfully escaping from his school. The game requires you to interact with everything that really surrounds the protagonist. 

When you really click on something that you’re capable of, a bubble chat will start, and the protagonist will tell you everything he knows about it. You will also be capable of collecting different items from around the school.

Once collected, they’ll emerge in the bag. You can also make use of all the collected items when required.

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