Roof Top Snipers Unblocked

Roof top snipers unblocked is a shooting game. This game is easy to understand for shooter lovers. This game is developed by Michael Eichler. You can play it in two modes: Single-player and multi-player. The player selects only one mode at a time. The player needs to focus on the opponent & can play on the roof of a tall building easily.

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How To Play Roof Top Snipers Unblocked?

  • Player 1
    • W key for jump.
    • E Key to shoot
  • Player 2
    • I key for Jump.
    • Ctrl key to shoot

Roof top snipers unblocked game is multiplayer marksman game. As a Player, you may notice a devotee to play with jumbo and shoot with key 'W' and key 'E'. You shoot the opponent player with the varieties of guns. When you hit your opponent player, he is pushed back, you may win if your opponent falls from the roof to the floor. You can also play in full-screen mode.

The player can only jump and shoot but can’t do another movie. It’s all moves are totally natural. You can shoot with the help of gun. The main goal is to fight on the roof of the building with your opponent, shoot him, and drop him to the ground. One who has won several rounds will be winner.

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