Rugby IO - Ball Mayhem Unblocked

Rugby IO - Ball Mayhem is an amazing 3D game for practicing sports skills. Take control of your player on the field full of teammates and opponents, and try to take the ball to the goal line of your rival team and score as many points as you can until the times out. Tackle the rivals and do your best to evade being tackled to the ground whenever you take the ball.

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How To Play Rugby IO - Ball Mayhem Unblocked?

Game Controls

  • For sprinting, you will have to hold the left mouse button.

  • You can speed up by simply moving your cursor further from the player. For slowing down, simply drag the cursor closer.

How To Play?

Enter the sports ground and face your opponent teams in an intense battle. Tackle everybody in sight to move forward and score a Touchdown! You have a chance to show everybody who the best team is! You take control of the ball by simply touching it. Once it’s in your possession, run as fast as possible to the far side of the ground and score the touchdown. 

Evade getting tackled; you’ll lose the ball if your rival manages to touch you. The team with the majority of touchdowns triumphs! At the end of every match, you’ll be shown the tackles, yards, and touchdowns. Rank up the team by winning different games.


Rugby IO Ball mayhem is a fantastic multiplayer game. In this game, you can play American Football! The objective is very simple, work with the teammates to take the ball to the other zone and score the touchdown.

You have to evade incoming tackles and keep the ball at every cost. If the rival team takes the ball, you have to try and tackle them for taking the ball away from them! The graphics of the game are really cool, and the Gameplay is remarkable!

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