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SAS Zombie Assault Unblocked

An interesting shooting game where you are given the task to slay the undead is SAS Zombie Assault Unblocked. A virus eruption on a distant trans-federation planet unleashes dreadfulness from humanity’s past. The horde of zombies is threatening the existence of mankind, and the only way to survive is to fight back against the human flesh-eating creature. Highly Weaponized and skilled Special Forces of the SAS are capable of fighting with the horrific zombies.

How To Play SAS Zombie Assault Unblocked?

  • Use the mouse to aim
  • Use the mouse to shoot
  • Use arrow keys to control (or WASD keys)
  • Use “R” to reload
  • Use “Space” to upgrade

SAS Zombie Assault is a flash game so you can play it easily on your browser. It is for those who love to watch zombie movies and want to be a hero by slaying the human flesh-eating creature. There are three modes in the game:

  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Nightmare

When the game begins you are a soldier, and your task is to protect your base as zombies are the enemies. They will attack the base by breaking the doors, and you have to kill them to win. The zombies attack you, your HP bar drops. Don’t let the HP bar drop to zero otherwise you will lose the game. You will have the money after slaying zombies that can be used to repair doors, upgrade weapons or buy more powerful weapons that include:

  • Sniper rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Submachine Gun

Zombies will be breaking into the building and being a soldier your mission is to stop them and kill them. For the maximum carnage you can play it alone, or with buddies and the match- mode is available in SAS Zombie Assault Unblocked.

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