Slope Multiplayer Unblocked

Slope Multiplayer game is a type of multiplayer video game that has multiple players, each controlling an avatar on-screen at once. These avatars are often called characters or units. The players must fight against each other while working together to achieve some goals.

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How To Play Slope Multiplayer Unblocked?

Player 1

  • Use W A S D For Steering

​​​​​​​Player 2

  • Use Arrow Keys For Steering

About Slope Multiplayer Game

Slope Multiplayer is a game where players battle each other in a variety of landscapes, using different weapons and abilities to try and win. The game can be played with up to sixteen players at a time, making it perfect for large groups.


The player starts off with full health(100%) and can choose from one of three different maps - Rough Outpost, Smooth Outpost, or Rocky Snowy Mountain. The map one chooses affects how easy or hard the game will be.

Types of Slope Multiplayer Games

There are two main types of Slope Multiplayer games: team-based and free-for-all-based. Free for all games have every player fighting each other while having no teammates to help them out. This causes the game to usually be very chaotic with players dying very quickly. Team-based games put players into either team red and blue or team yellow and green, depending on which color you start as in the match, then they must work together in order to achieve the team goal. This could be anything from capturing a flag and bringing it back to the team base, to destroying the other team base.

Classes of Slope

There are four different classes in Slope: Soldier, Medic, Engineer, and Scout. The Soldier is the only class that has a weapon at the start of the game and is good for close to medium-range combat. The Medic can heal other players and also has a grenade that does high damage to buildings. The Engineer can place turrets that can help defend an area or deal damage to the enemy. The Scout can use a bow that does high damage from a distance.

How to Win?

In order to win, the player must either kill all of the enemies or capture their flag. Killing all of the enemies is usually much harder than capturing their flag so it's often better to and take their flag and bring it back to your base.

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