Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked

Do you like playing shooting games? The Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked is all you want. It is an amazing side-scrolling action shooter game.

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How To Play Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked?

  • New Coin: Shift 
  • Start: Enter
  • X: Button A
    C: Button B
    Z: Button C
    S: Button D
  • Move: W, A, S, D, or Arrow Keys

There are seven battle modes of the game:

Team Deathmatch:

In this battle mode, two teams battle for triumph. Whichever team gets the max kills first to be the victors.


In this mode, there are no teams. The fight can be played with just one soldier. The team captain fights other foes no one is allied. The player who first reaches a certain amount of slaughters wins.

Capture The Flag:

Each team will have their own flags to defend. The team can score points when the member of the team brings their flag to the place of the other. The soldier who is carrying the flag can’t use any primary weapon.


There are three main points in your map. When any of the players' combatants captures that point, it begins lighting blue, and the player's squad begins scoring points. If all three points are captured the foe will stop scoring points.

One Man Army:

Like Juggernaut games in the previous installments in the series. This battle mode is played with one combatant who must destroy the One Man Army (a combatant who glows red and is bigger) to become the One-Man-Army, and then carry on killing everyone else on the map to score points.

Gun Game:

This battle mode of the Strike Force Heroes 3 Unblocked is also played with one soldier. The player begins with a weak weapon, and when he/she starts scoring kills, he/she can upgrade to better weapons.

Team Gun Game:

Similar to the gun game, except it’s played in teams of up to five combatants. When a combatant kills a foe, everyone else from their squad will upgrade to a new weapon.

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