Super Mario Flash Unblocked

Super Mario Flash is a computer game based on the Super Mario Bros. video game series. It was developed by Adobe Systems, and released in 1995. The game allows the player to control Mario, or one of his friends, as they run through various levels from the original Super Mario Bros. game

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How To Play Super Mario Flash Unblocked?

  • Right and Left Arrow Key For MOVEMENT
  • Up Arrow Key For JUMP
  • Down Arrow Key For CROUCH
  • Space Bar For FIREBALLS
  • B Key For MENU


Super Mario Flash is a side-scrolling platform game developed by Adobe Systems and released in 1995. The game is based on the Super Mario Bros. video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

About the Game

The player controls Mario, who must navigate through the levels of the game, jumping over obstacles and avoiding enemies. Mario can collect coins, which can be used to buy items such as power-ups and extra lives from Toad, a character who appears in each level. The game features a total of eight worlds, each with six levels.


The game also includes new levels, power-ups, enemies and a multiplayer option. The game was originally released in Japanese, but an English version followed soon after. In the years since the release of this video game, it has been included in several compilations of games from the Super Mario Bros. series.

The player can also use a Super Mushroom to transform Mario into Super Mario, who is taller and has the ability to break bricks. If the player collects a Fire Flower, Mario will become Fire Mario and be able to shoot fireballs. When the player collects a Starman, Mario will be invincible for a limited time.

The player begins with 3 lives, loses one when damaged by an enemy or hazardous object, and loses a life if Mario falls into a bottomless pit. The player can earn an extra life by collecting 100 coins. Mario cannot die from being hit by enemies while he is small, but if he is hit when he is big, he reverts to his small size.

The game includes several power-ups, such as the Super Mushroom, which makes Mario larger, and the Fire Flower, which allows him to shoot fireballs. These power-ups are hidden in blocks, and can also be found in other places in the game. Mario can also temporarily become invincible by touching a Starman.

The game consists of eight worlds with four levels each. The final level of each world is a castle, in which Mario fights a boss character to defeat the world. After completing all eight worlds, the player must fight Bowser, the king of the Koopas, to win the game.

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