T-REX Run Unblocked

The T-REX Run game is an exciting and challenging adventure game that pits players against a rampaging T-Rex. The goal of the game is to help the fleeing villagers escape from the dinosaur while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins.

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How To Play T-REX Run Unblocked?


For PC

  • Space to run and jump.


  • Click on T-Rex to start running and touch Screen to Jump.

About T-REX Run Game

The T-Rex Run game is an addictive, exciting, and challenging runner game in which players must guide all of the villagers safely to the other side of the screen. If even one villager is killed by the T-Rex, the player loses the game. The villagers constantly run ahead, so players must strategically place obstacles in the T-Rex's way to buy enough time for the villagers to escape.


There are three different types of obstacles that can be used:

  • Trees
  • Rocks
  • Fences

Each one has a unique ability that can help the player in different ways. Trees can be used to temporarily stop the T-Rex, rocks can knock him down and immobilize him for a short time, and fences can be used as a blockade that keeps the T-Rex from reaching the villagers (for a limited amount of time).

There are five different levels which each include three different obstacles. These obstacles unlock at specific points throughout the game, and the player must use them in a strategic way to help all of the villagers escape safely. The slow-motion feature can also be activated by double-tapping on either side of the screen while a villager is running away.

The T-Rex earns enough points throughout each level to unlock new abilities at specific intervals (for example: at 1000 points he can break through walls). These new abilities help to make the game more challenging and interesting.

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