Tetrix Egypt Unblocked

Tetrix Egypt unblocked is building block game. In this game, the player has to join all the blocks in such a way that there would be no spaces between them. He has to control the blocks according to the shape, he can also change its shape depending upon the down blocks.

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How To Play Tetrix Egypt Unblocked?

  1. Use arrow keys to change the movement of blocks.

When the player completes the particular task then the player earns points. Just fill up all the empty space and proceed.The gameplay of Tetrix is very simple. In the start, you have to simply join the blocks in the order that there would be no space between them.

When the whole task is complete then it will move on the next level in which blocks come speedily and make the game more interesting plus complicated. You will follow all the block and join in that manner that no space remained.

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