The Binding of Isaac Unblocked

The Binding of Isaac is actually a Black Comedy, Horror Comedy, Top-Down Rogue-like Shooter created by Florian Himsl and Edmund McMillen and launched back in 2011. The story follows Isaac, a boy who finds himself in perhaps the worst scenario imaginable.

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How To Play The Binding of Isaac Unblocked?

After his fixated Christian mother starts hearing the voice of God, she takes away all of his worldly things and strips him naked, locks him in his bedroom, and quickly accepts the order to sacrifice him to prove her faith.


  • Navigation: WASD and Arrow keys
  • Place bomb: shift, E
  • Drop the equipped trinket: Left CTRL 
  • Shooting: Mouse clicks 
  • Use single-use thing: Q 
  • Toggle fullscreen: F (just works while in the main menu or paused)
  • Use currently activated thing: Spacebar 
  • Pause the game: P, Esc 
  • Map: Tab (Tapping will toggle its corner size, and holding will expand your mini-map.)
  • Turn off the music: M
  • Restart the run: R

How To Play?

There are randomly created dungeons, bosses, and enemies, over a hundred unique items that not just provide you powers but visually change the character. You will have a total of four complete chapters spanning eight levels with multiple endings, 3+ unlockable classes, and much more.


When Isaac’s mother begins hearing the voice of God asking for a sacrifice to be made to prove her devotion, Isaac runs off into the basement facing droves of crazy foes, his fears, lost sisters and brothers, and eventually his mother. The Binding of Isaac is an action role-playing shooter game with Rogue-like parts. 

Following Isaac on his journey, you’ll locate strange treasures that change Isaac’s form providing him superhuman capabilities and enabling him to kill droves of strange creatures, find secrets and fight his way to protection. As always, have fun!

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