Tron Unblocked

Tron Unblocked is a motorcycle theme game. This game is actually based on the storyline of the movie named Tron. According to the story, the character you will be playing is stuck in a video game. That video game is developed by the character’s father. It is an enjoyable game to play when you are bored. 

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How To Play Tron Unblocked?

  • Use arrow keys, P key, and space bar. 

Arrow keys can be used for moving your motorcycle forward, backward, right, and left. If you want to use some boosters in this game, then simply press the space bar. And if you want to take a little break while racing, then simply hit the P key. There’s no doubt that you will surely enjoy this game a lot. 

This game has some special motorcycles. In this game, you will join some motorcycle racing, and to stay alive in the game, you will have to avoid the walls of the game arena, and colorful lasers threw by these special motorcycles. 

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