Worms Zone Unblocked

Worms Zone is a great game for those who want to kill some time or just want to have some fun. The game is easy to understand and easy to play, but it does have some difficult challenges that you can try to complete.

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How To Play Worms Zone Unblocked?

  • To Move: Use Mouse
  • To Speed up: Use Left Click of Mouse

About The Game

In the Worms Zone game, you control a team of worms as they battle it out against other teams of worms. The goal is to use your worms to damage the other team's worms until they are all destroyed. You can use a variety of weapons and tools to do this, such as grenades, bazookas, and dynamite. You can also use your worms to pick up objects and throw them at the other team.

The game doesn't do much besides giving you a bunch of worms and putting them onto a map. You shoot your weapons at the enemy team in order to kill them off or force them into territory that makes them explode. The matches are mostly quick and you can either play a match by yourself against the computer or go online and team up with someone else who is looking for an opponent.


The game has four different game modes: Deathmatch, Race, CountDown, and last man standing. Each mode is exciting and fun to play.


  • Easy to understand and play
  • Various challenges to complete
  • Quick matches
  • Play against the computer or online opponent.
  • Fun for all ages.

Worms Zone game also has an online leaderboard. You can compare your score with others from around the world. There are also daily and weekly challenges that you can try to complete in order to get rewards.

The graphics of the game are colorful and cartoony, but that's not really a bad thing. It gives the game a bit of charm and makes it more lighthearted than some other war or strategy games. The sound is pretty good with the effects of explosions and gunfire being believable, but nothing to really satisfy a fanatical audiophile. The matches go by rather quickly which might make the game extremely addictive for some if not carefully monitored.

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