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Kick, run, jump, and score the way to fame! From classics such as soccer and football to action-packed sports games, such as skateboarding, the sports games allow your fingers to lead you to win the game! 

Take a glance at a few of our sports games, and you will see many awesome choices. Whether you like top-down views, 3D games, or even classic 2D sports games, you will locate that while sports have rules and regulations, but our games clearly do not! Check out the following fantastic sports games:


It is a very unique action survival game that you can ever play. Your character in this game would be a marshmallow. And you will be saving your marshmallow character from the rising lava that has already destroyed much of your beautiful world. Also, make sure to keep your character safe from the different sized blocks that would be falling down. 

Awesome Run 2:

It is a fantastic running game. In this game, you will be trained to become the best runner by a couch. So try not to disappoint your couch in the game and become the best runner of all time. When you will keep running the races and win, you will make some money. You can then use this earned money for upgrading your character in the game. 

2D Air Hockey:

2D Air Hockey is another incredible sports game. In this game, you will have to make seven points before anyone else does the same. So keep trying hard for dropping the puck inside your opponent’s goal. There will also be a choice of selecting a difficulty mode you want to play. These difficulty levels will come with different challenges. So good luck and enjoy playing this game!